Appointments (…and the pandemic)

The pandemic required GPs, under the government’s directives, to have to work in different ways to avoid patients sitting in crowded waiting rooms and hence putting them at risk of contracting COVID. We recognise that this has been challenging and exhausting not just for patients but for all healthcare staff.

We have been seeing patients face-to-face (when required) throughout the pandemic.

Every morning Mon-Fri between 0800 and 10:30 you can choose whether you wish to have a GP or nurse to call you back for a telephone consultation or you can arrange a direct face-to-face appointment with a GP that morning if you feel this is necessary.

We recognise that many issues are completely appropriate to be dealt with over the phone (prescription requests, medication queries, discussions re sick notes etc.). Clearly many other issues are far better seen in person and we also prefer this. Please inform the receptionist of your preference. You can still book routine appointments with a GP of your choice but with current pressures, it may be a few weeks before you can be seen.