Our Clinics


All the doctors provide a family planning service during normal surgery appointments. An appointment can be made with the Practice Nurse for family planning advice and pill checks. Fitting of coils should be discussed with Dr Hamling, Dr Ezobi, Dr Quiggin (all female) or one of the Practice Nurses prior to making an appointment.

Requests for emergency contraception will be seen promptly.


Talking Therapies use rooms at the Health Centre for counselling sessions.  You may be referred to this service by a GP or you can self refer.  for more information, call the service on 01225  675150 or visit the website at: BaNES


A full range of immunisations are carried out in the Practice, including childhood immunisations and travel vaccinations, tetanus and influenza immunisation and meningitis C vaccinations for young people.

The Practice Nurses have Childhood Immunisation clinics on alternate Monday and Wednesday mornings. These clinics are by appointment only.

Long Term Conditions

Patients with long term conditions such as asthma, COPD and diabetes are invited to attend important regular checks which help to ensure the best up to date and appropriate treatment is being given. For annual reviews you will be invited in during the month of your birth.

Maternity Care

After initial booking with the doctor the midwife attached to the practice will contact you to arrange your booking. This may be done at home or in the surgery. At the booking appointment the midwife will plan your care throughout your pregnancy, birth and aftercare.

Midwife clinics are held at the surgery on Tuesdays each week and they can be contacted on 01225 824669.

After your baby has been born, an appointment will be sent to you for your baby’s 6-week check and your own postnatal check. The midwives will visit you at home as necessary, usually up until 10 days. Please ensure your discharge summary is handed in to the Practice.

Minor Surgery

A wide range of minor surgery, such as injections, incisions, aspirations and excisions can be carried out.


We have a physio service on Monday mornings.


A NHS podiatry clinic is provided on Tuesdays each week. For more information including how to access the service see this website

A simple nail cutting service is also available via Age Concern. More information can be found here.

Social Prescribing

Rachel is our social prescriber who is in the practice on Thursdays and Fridays. She can help with anything non-clinical such as carers, bereavement, financial issues, anxiety etc. Please call reception to book an initial telephone consultation.

Support to Stop Smoking

If you want help to stop smoking, speak to the receptionist who will provide you with a stop smoking information pack and book a first appointment for you. At the first appointment you will have an opportunity to discuss nicotine replacement therapy and medication, and you may be given a prescription. You will agree a quit date, and thereafter you will have a number of follow up appointments at the surgery, or be contacted by the smoke stop advisor remotely during COVID, to support and encourage you to continue to refrain from smoking.

We have the following staff regularly attend the Practice

  •  Diabetes Retinal Screening
  • Midwifery
  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy

Please note we do not make their appointments.